Saturday, November 27, 2010

exam week.

matilah aku kali nih, tak pernah3 hidup se-rilex nih.
exam minggu depan, tapi satu haprak pun tak habis. konfem kali nih tak cecah 36 ;(


-mfr5071- said...

(to all kmbian better anda tukar mode anda kpd mode serius dan skema sebelum terus membaca. One more thing, I’m not a spammer. Ok now keep reading)

Imagine anda ditegur ketika anda sedang berjalan somewhere in kmb. (just to make it real, haha) then suddenly…

“Assalamualaikum , sorry for disturbing. Actually I’m collecting the data for my math HL portfolio. So, the data needed are as followed:
•The amount spend at KOOP in a week(approximately)
•The number of Maksu’s Ice-cream purchased in a week (you better know what’s maksu’s ice-cream is or I tell Mr. Badar then, haha)

Ok thank you. Happy holiday.”

(you can change back your mode.LOL. just leave your answers here, it will be sent to my gmail inbox)

XD said...

sorry bro. lama tak bukak blog.
M09A, male, RM30 & 3pcs