Sunday, August 22, 2010

bangunan terbakar

Just imagine you're in the 20th floor of a building and it's on fire. How will you escape?


know i know that my weekend supposed to be at home and not in kmb. things are all the same, all those assignment still fresh in my bags. not even been touched. but, i believe berbuka in kmb is not as good as in my house, and guess what, i only berbuka with kurma, and kuih pelita. tak sedap gila tau tak foood dekat ds! menyesal

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Tawakkal !

Salam guys, i'd just sat for my ielts. I need to get band 6.5, and now i'm not sure whether i'm able to achieve it or not. Now, i feel grateful as i'd been placed in IUMC and not UK. Just imagine, UK need band 7.0 and how am I going to reach it ?

Yesterday, i'm did my speaking test. After the test, i felt depressed untill the end of the class. I was thinking to ask permission from my math teacher to leave the class and rest, but i'm not doing it. After Jumaat prayer's, I started doing exercises on reading and listening untill the end, I thought i'm good already, but nope, i'm not.

I didn't do well in my listening test. I can't even get what's happening in the audio. I ask my friends, they said they can hear well and only one or two missed, but me ? more than twenty I think.

Now, I can't do anything, except to express my sadness ;(. Tawakkal je lah

Sunday, August 15, 2010

teruk sangat ke aku nih ?

hari khamis, aku tengah berusaha utk dptkan power of nap
then rumate ak balik bilik, dia ckp placement dah kluar.

"kaw dapat IUMC"

aku terus terjaga & jadi energetic gila babeng
keluar and pergi tengok result sebab tak percaaya

Senarai UK
35 org semuanya, and I'm not in the list

77 org, and I'm in

ahhh, aku mula tak percaya, coz aku tak dpt apa yg aku pilih.
lamaa aku amek mse utk terima hakikat..
last2 ak terima gak, coz ad hikmah..
and one of the hikmah : IELTS pekse minggu depan & aku tak ready lg. haha

okay, so citer die camth ah.
ak just managed dpt my second choice, Ireland
so I need to struggle more bcoz ramai sgt senior yg tak lepas msk IUMC bcoz result IB

tapi aku tertanya-tanya,
kenapalah ak tak terlist dlm UK.
teruk sangat ke aku ? finally ak thu, yg jd mslh is my predicted gred.

budak2 lain yg dpt UK ad je dpt less than point ak, even 5 point lesser..
tak boleh belah..