Saturday, August 21, 2010

Tawakkal !

Salam guys, i'd just sat for my ielts. I need to get band 6.5, and now i'm not sure whether i'm able to achieve it or not. Now, i feel grateful as i'd been placed in IUMC and not UK. Just imagine, UK need band 7.0 and how am I going to reach it ?

Yesterday, i'm did my speaking test. After the test, i felt depressed untill the end of the class. I was thinking to ask permission from my math teacher to leave the class and rest, but i'm not doing it. After Jumaat prayer's, I started doing exercises on reading and listening untill the end, I thought i'm good already, but nope, i'm not.

I didn't do well in my listening test. I can't even get what's happening in the audio. I ask my friends, they said they can hear well and only one or two missed, but me ? more than twenty I think.

Now, I can't do anything, except to express my sadness ;(. Tawakkal je lah


nik said...

allah buat tu ade hikmah nyer.....tu baru nk g ireland dah pyh,kalo g UK???

norain ishak said...

oh, semua bdak kmb dah amek ieolts eh this week?budak mara kat ky, yang top je ambik minggu ni, yang tak brape top maybe blan oct or nov or february.

sebab english aku pun tak gempak, aku pun merancang nak apply ireland gak.

F a r i z z a i d I said...

tak semua yg amek minggu nih. ktorg ade 3 sesi utk bdak medic. aku first session...