Thursday, September 29, 2011

Watch Out Who's Your Reader !

Salam readers,

I'm yet to be announced as dead. Just so not really into updating my daily activities. And yeah, today post is about unexpected readers.

I'm so glad that one of my reader is actually a celebrity. Does anyone have readers like mine? I bet you all don't have. *proud melangit* And the coolest thing is, she did comment on my blog. So sweet right? She's not my friend since childhood or even a friend when I was in mrsm and all. I don't really know her before. But I knew her after we went to the same college. Gladly, I'm her first Fan , and the one who created the fan club. But now she's so popular. She have like 510 friends and it's not just from Malaysia, but worldwide.

Hehe, bodohlah hangpa pi baca semua nih. karut marut belaka. Tuh Nurbazilah Ariffin. Ada 510 kawan dekat facebook. Jadi artis sebab sama-sama berlakon waktu hari kemerdekaan KMB.

Ohoooi, belum habis,

unexpected readers is my sister. haha, macam mana kau boleh baca blog nih, habis privacy aku. bosan sungguhlaa macam nih.

and another unexpected readers adalah budak2 yang aku kutuk dekat sini. hahaha, bukan sekarang la, now tak kutuk dah, tapi post still ada. kenangan orang kata.

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