Tuesday, June 21, 2011

New Castle Australia :)

Sukaaaaaaaaaaanya (Alhamdulillah) dah habis interview. Settle semua interview buat mase sekarang. Walaupun tak ada mase nak prepare sangat, tapi still konfiden tadi :)

Basically, interview nih ada dua benda, first part is MMI (Mini Medical Interview) and second part is PQA (IQ & Personality Test).

MMI tuh sebenarnya format baru, dia ada dua session. First session banyak tanya pasal medical thinggy. Antara soalan dia, why you want to be doctor, why do you know about medical profession, do you think it is a secured job, if you don't get medicine, which course would you apply, ... So basically they ask about medical thing :)

Second session plak, dia bagi task, ada situation and we have to make a decision with justification and steps that we take before decision is made. Yang part nih agak susah jugak, sebab sometime kita dah bagitau, tapi soalan seterusnya lebih kurang sama. Tapi insyaallah :)

Btw, both session takes about 8 minutes. The best thing is, kali nih interviewer banyak tanya soalan, tapi macam guided question, and setiap orang dapat soalan same. Haish. Interviewer tak berapa nak reti sangat tanya soalan yang bukan based on apa yang diorang dah prepare, so nampak sangat interviewer tuh macam kaku, eh komen interviewer pulak ; )


Nur al-Iman said...

Fariz nak datang Newcastle? :O

mufazai said...

Iman, I wish I could ;)
I need to wait for 1 month for the result ;D