Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Interview USM-KLE

nih bukan aku yang interview, but my friend

salam.. jz nak share things yg ktorg dapat time interviw tadi.. hope u can share it with others.. (and plz do keep the informer remains anonymous..)

saja kongsi supaya kita sesama batch boleh fly skali..

From what we heard earlier from the USM people..
...1- pihak usm nak ambik 120 students USM-KLE.. tapi td cuma ad 70 org je yg dtg interview.. insya'Allah, klo korg pegi ad possible besar utk dapat..
2- be prepared.. soalan yg die tny quite unexpected.. it can be the most random questions on earth!! (seriously)
3- pls..pls and pls.. brush up ur MALAY.. bahasa formal dalam bahasa melayu.. coz they’re surely asked you to answer a few questions in MALAY..
stakat ni tu je la kot highlight penting yg ktorg dapat time interview ni.. feel free to ask anything about the interview..

p/s: klo kita tolong org, Allah akan tolong kita balik

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humbleServant said...

best giler lah fariz jawab dalam Malay!!!!!!