Wednesday, July 13, 2011

James Cook University Interview - By Asyraf Kori

Oho, so ramai org message aku pasal James Cook University interview (dkt 5 org kot haha3). Alrighty, sebab aku seorang loser yang mmg banyak masa terluang (LOL!), lemme give you a lil' bit of rundown utk interview.

Before anything, sedikit fakta tentang JCU:

- Medic JCU adalah 6 years programme. 6 TAHUN. So mmg kene faham btul2 yek? Plus, korang akan fly Feb 2012. So agak lambat la nanti, start and habis. Gotta think hard here yo!

- In JCU School of Medicine, currently only 26 Malaysians there. Yep, all 6 years of Medical School. Korg kene independent kt sana.

- JCU in Queensland, at the northern part of Australia. So climate dier lebih kepada Malaysia (Hot and Humid) rather than Cold, Cool climate cam kat Sydney. So dier panas skit, lebih kurang mcm Malaysia. Oh, aku ade cakap tak Queensland itu agak hulu? Ha3, jkjkjk. But still, mmg agak hulu lah.

- Requirement JCU for IELTS? All Component 7! But still, klo korg nyer result overall tinggi, and yg lowest pon around 6.5, xyh nk repeat kot (Eg me myself, aku overall 8.0, but my writing is the lowest, only 6.5. No need to repeat again! Ha3)

So how about the interview?

- Its individual (duh!)

- Ada dalam 5 soalan besar akan ditanya. Klo aku nyer interview dlu, 1st question is about why you want to become a doctor etc2. 2nd, 3rd and 4th (x igt turutan) psal qualities u have, your achievements, your take on medical issue plus decision making etc2. And ade lagi la soalan- soalan lain lagi.

- Still, the killer question was at part 5. Final question is all about World Issue. Aku masa tu kne Political Asylum. Oh, yep, aku terketar2 la nak menjawabnye haha3. Serius kene troll kaw2 ngn interviewer. Lots of reading here guys!

- Its around 20 - 30 minutes. Or in my case, its 40 minutes. Mmg hantu tol....

My advice?

- BE YOURSELF. Seriously, dieorg mmg jadi interviewer for a reason. Nak menipu? Want to become other person on that day? Agak2 la ye ha3 They'll see right through you. I can assure that.

- Be awesome. Ape2 pon senyum je. Memetik kata2 Barney How I Met Your Mother, "When I'm sad, I stopped being sad, and become awesome!"

- Be friggin confident! But not blardy stupid sudah. Xpe sangkut2, asalkan confident!

- Oh, aku dh ckp dh senyum? The interviewers are kind plus awesome. They laugh a lot. Like A LOT!

Final words, the usual Good Luck lah kot. Oh and for all of you yg akn interview nanti, make sure you persevere a lot. I know what you're going through now, as me and lots of others pun dh pnh rasa. So...


- It's possible your wish won't be fulfilled, But if you don't wish at all, it definitely won't be fulfilled (Lawrence Craft, Spice and Wolf II)
- In the next year, around this time, What kind of me will be here? What kind of you will be here? (When The First Love Ends, ryo feat. Hatsune Miku)

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