Friday, April 16, 2010

Something different

MPAC - Malaysian Performing Arts Club. This thing had driven me crazy. I know its all because of my weaknesses : not a good director, cannot decide something, cannot speak out! But, it really made me lost confidence at all.

Yesterday, and the day before we did a rehearsal on Teacher's Day Sketch. On the first time we presented it to the advisor 1, she was like saying we need to improve more on body language and facial expression. And this was just okay for me, because I do agreed with what she had said. But, the day after it was totally different. She criticized a lot, and its really not the same as what she had said before. At that moment, I had nothing to said, I'm stucked, my tongue was freeze. Thanks to some of the members, who really help a lot, by saying something. But then, there're few, or maybe one person only, who did said that he/she didn't even understand what the storyline and the message was all about. And that time, I'm totally frustrated. He/she didn't even came for practice but still brave enough to said something like that. But, I can only hear what the comments from the members. In some extent, it does help us, but then it put me in a difficulties zone.

And just know, another advisors came to see our progression after a few discussion to imrpoved our sketch. At first we're figure out new things and I think we did get into the conclusion. But then, we were intended to show what we had done before after 10 time practising. And the results was so different. This time, the advisor was so different. She said our performance was just so nice because its funny. And it made me up-down again as now I got two differents point of view from our adivsors. Till one time, I gave up. But there're few really nice to me. They tried to motivated me. And I really happy with that eventhouh still not into thee confidence level yet. But hopefully, what were planned will be just so great enough for the teachers and the students.

That what makes it so different. a new life for me ;)

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Anonymous said...

hey this is what learning is all about.. taking criticism from others...its cool to have members who are in it together thru thick n thin... regardless of the progress of your work 2h... bout the person who said that she doesnt know a single thing tu.. ouh come on... ramai kowt org mcm 2h.. smue nieh blakon jewr lbeyh so that the advisor will think that she is the victim of the situation.. that kind of person is lyke a bacteria in the group.. lyke seriously! what that person didnt know is actlly.. the advisor bkn rse kesian kt dye.. i thnk the advisor will hve their eye on her more bcoz they know this girl ade smthng wrong smwhere.. so dunt worry.. u didnt lose a thing... dye bkan nyer actress mcm I! ahaahaha.. *tbe2 kn..*