Friday, March 05, 2010

future ; long term & short term

Just now, (not just, just now - long time before) I went to the staff room. Not just once, but more than that. First visit, I saw her, but no! I can't. I'm not ready. Or, maybe because i'm so scared of being rejected. Second time, I met another teacher, which I heard a lot from others, being rejected, being scolded as she don't want to discuss as if the student haven't prepared any. And yes, I met her, confidently, but I knew there was an elephant in my stomach. I told her, and she replied "good!" but, she said "you're late, someone else did one of your topic." Argh, I'd been rejected. Actually it's all about my extended essay in Economics. When the others were busy thinking on the RQ (research question) I do nothing. I'd no idea. I'm so busy. And other people took my time! As the result, you'd (me) been rejected. Tq.

It's my mistake. Mistake in giving a full commitment. I realized that "they" only know how to give instruction, and not an action. (fullstop)

My EE gonna be my short term, and my long term is the English HL. How am I going to improve my English ? What should the college do to help me ? And where is the promises to help the students in English ? I'm not good in English, and i'm stupid too for telling this to you guys. This was not my first time, I did make a statement on it in the MARA Interview and even in the IP interview. Damn stupid. Hopefully i'm not going to re-state it again after these. And readers, do help me. correct my error in writing. This is one of my effort. Insyaallah.

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