Friday, March 05, 2010

Math SL or HL

I think this is one of the hot issue in kmb. everyone were likely discussing on this topic anywhere, anytime even while eating, usrah-ing and shower (maybe).

When I ask my friends, at first they'll state their decision. Then after I gave my opinion on it, they change their minds. They're not fixed. Easily influenced by others. Me neither can't ran away from this thinggy. At first, I decided to take HL, then I realized that I can't cope with the subject, I'd changed my mind, just SL. But still, when the teacher ask me to register, I said I wanted HL. On the next day, again I ask teacher for a time to discuss with my dad. Then, i put up my words, "Standard Level". I'm clean & clear now. 7 for math ;)

But, just now we had a Math Day. Then again, this issue became hot & fresh again. We had a session with Pn Noraini regarding Math SL or Eng SL. Again, everyone like blurred again on what to choose. Now were between two, Math SL or Eng SL. I knew that i'm not good in English, then I think its better for me to focussed on English, thus I decided to take Math SL so that I won't take too much time for Math as if I take Math HL. But, again i'm thinking on my placement, "how about if many of us scored 7 for Math HL ?". Then less chances for me to get into top universities. But till now, i'm still with my first option, taking Math SL

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