Saturday, January 22, 2011

Confirmed not UK, now Ireland ?

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

i have a dream, to go to united kingdom,
i'd focussed on united kingdom universities,
but after all, i'm not listed, not the chosen one.

i accept that fate.

now, new dream comes, which will bring me to ireland.
i made effort for more than four days, concentrate on interview session,
set a side all the assignment for whole days,
and i'd finally done it well for the interview session.

i'd a dream, to be listed among those fifty students to ireland,
but now, shocking news haunted us.
my dream is almost destroyed.

i don't know what to say.
i don't know where else to go.
my dream, and my friends' dream.


Anonymous said...

i have a dream~ westlife is from ireland as well. penah denga?

Nur Atikah said...

Insha-Allah, Allah will gift you what is the best for you.Hopefully u'll achieve ur dream to go to Ireland. Do not lose faith! ^_^

AxL Farhan said...

be strong fariz, be strong..

afifslim said...

you can do it yowkies!

Norain Ishak said...

berserah je lah kat Allah setelah kita dah berusaha untuk perform dengan baik di depan interviewer.

aku mewakili budak mara medic(15org) kat kyuem ni pun cuak dan juga desperate untuk dapat tempat di ireland sebab tak sampai half of us je yang baru dapat offer interview, most of us risau jugaklah if tak dapat tempat kat uk, and mengharapkan ireland sekarang ni.

apa-apa pun, Allah knows the best for all of us. Tawakal.

Atikah FatholRazak said...

abang Fariz, be strong. Insya Allah ade tempat. hopefully somewhere better

XD said...

yessss, i have a dream, from ireland
how about if i let you go? also frm there. haha

thanks everyone (:

iyaaaa Ain, but u guys can apply for both uk and ireland, but we in kmb can only apply one. ;(