Sunday, January 23, 2011

one more week to gooooo!

yeahhhhhh, alas all the procrastinator from mara college banting
will end their suffers by twenty-eight of january 2010 (insyaallah)
we both procrastinator and non-procrastinator need to submit theirs EE by twenty-fifth
and TOK by twenty-eight. wooot woot.

after that, we can focus on our final exams.
and, its the end of our life in mara college banting.

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Adibah Mohamad said...

actually, that date is for us to submit to respectives ee/tok advisors, then they will check if need anymore alteration, bla..bla..bla.. then we will InsyaAllah submit both two papers on the 14 feb. still its a long way to go.. :) best of luck everyone!