Wednesday, January 12, 2011

my last minute works

Assalamualaikum and Hye ;)

I should start writing in english, but, i'm afraid all my readers (youu) run away from my page and make an oath for not visiting my blog anymore due to my english proficiency which is so bad. Haish, start raising your hand for oath already ke ? Cisss.

Its okaylah if you wanted to close the window, I won't cry in front of you (for surelah, this is just internet), but i'm sure you guys want to see me crying right? No wonder lah I suddenly didn't get any hit from the follower. (ceh, like previously I've got one)

Actually, this is aweek a very busy week. I need to complete my CAS reports which I was supposed to do during holiday. Next I need to prepare for my chemistry presentation, malay and Fish4Life4 schedule. Coming is my IUMC interview which is definitely important because it's the only placement that I have. I need to prepare for it and that is one of the reasons I start writing in english back. See, my english is so bad and it just like i'm doing nothing to improve my english.

Let bygone be bygone. English is just one way of the communicating, I have my body language which is extremely good, ceewah and also my hair which is curly. (eh, not related) By tomorrow, hopefully I can focussed on my interview session, just to upgrade, polish and innovating my facial expression in front of the mirror. Since I have no big mirror in my room, So i'm going to steal one from toilet. What do you think ? Heh, for sure i'm not going to do that.

Okay, just finish printing. Need to prepare for tomorrow class. See you next time if you haven't reciting oath yet :)

(don't laugh, i'm rarely use my english. Plus now i don't even know what tense should be used -.-")

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