Tuesday, June 16, 2009

100th followers & bdak US

oh, tak sangka now dah 100th followers (bangga skit)
thanx sbab jd pembace setia

nothing much bout today
but i had started talking with my mum
no, i didn't talk to her
but she asked me to do something for her

so i just do what she asked lah (bout previous entry)

then just now,
i did managed to chat with some of my friends,
which had already fly to USA
& of course, now they were at America

ak sgt excited, & really hopes that i will get the chances too
hopefully (kne struggle for IB)

I'll try my best.


humbleServant said...

moga2 dorunk tak kene h1n1..
tuh sume dak kmkn yer?

Fa[iez] said...

cpt gi mntk maaf ngan mak ko...!!
sape mmbe ko yg dah gi us tu??

F a r i z z a i d I said...

humbleServant :
ish, not all of em' from kmkn,
only 2 of em' . (faiz & noryang)

Fa[iez] :
dah minx maaflah, ;)
yg skool ak bout 6 org,

malyna said...

owh..abg fariz,kire btol la dga cita kak noryang ngan abg faiz talib da fly?

cmne ley cepat sgt?

nywy, congrats da mncapai 100th follower..ni berkat rajen follow org la nih..hehe :D

F a r i z z a i d I said...

owh yerp. diorg da fly.
mayb they're among the top
mse interview harituh
so they get the chances la.

haha, thx. tp ak follow pon bce jer blog diorg
bukan koleksi. hehe :)

Anonymous said...

aah,,bes kan borak2 ngn dyorg las nyte..
fb bes gler mlm td..
dun wori,,kalo ko rjen,,
lehnyer jdi cm dyorg..
all d besh!!

amalina said...

congrate lh sbb dah ade 100 followers..aku nie bile ah plk..hehe...
anywy,nnty bile dh fly satu ary nnty jgn lupe aku k...bli ar buah tgn sekali!!hehe....
anywy, gudlck n fren4ever k ;)

F a r i z z a i d I said...

insyaallah. teringin :(

hoho.. nnt kaw pon 100 jugak
btw, ak x kan lpe kawan2 aku.
n ak ske cr kwn.