Monday, June 22, 2009

pasal aku~

oh yeah, tadi baca blog orang
and dia tulis pasal dah bersedia habis untuk ke KM(babi)

nasib baik aku terbaca,
kalau tak.. memang lepas mandi bogellah gayanya

actually aku lupa nak tarok tuala dalam list
& selimut

haha, nasib baik yer kawan.
tak rugi aku follow blog kaw

then satu lagi letak essay yang buat
untuk interview mara

aku rasa macam patut jer aku letak kat sini
sebab lepas nih konfem hilang essay tuh

so kalu nak baca, silakan.

tapi, kalau perasan.
essay nih sebenarnya aku edit jer dari internet
aku combined semua skalik

haha ;)

nina yusrina, my ex-classmate pon tak caya
nih my essay. sebab dia kata ayat power (drpd aku)

haha, klasmate aku thu, aku lemah english

Muhammad Fariz Bin Zaidi


Part I : Introduction And Strength

Since I could remember, medicine is the ideal career for me. The sight of seeing other people suffer from their illness and the thought of that it allows us to help make a big difference in other people's lives makes me want to be a doctor. It gives personal satisfaction, and other people are benefited as well. A lot of medicine is teamwork, and I can work well in a team.

Studying in a prominent boarding school like MJSC has definitely made me an independent and adaptable person. It has also enhanced my time management skills as I had to balance out between my academics and co-curricular activities. This was proven when I was elected to be the Welfare Bureau of the Student Representative Council 2007/2008. Being the Student Representative Council has taught me to be well-disciplined, organized and systematic. It has also made me physically and mentally prepared for any oncoming challenges whatever they may be.

Moreover, I have learnt to view any prevalent issues or situations as 2 sides of a coin when I actively participated in several inter-school Malay debates. Not only that, I have also developed an analytical mind of which I believe is paramount in the medical profession that requires us to make split-second decisions especially in life-threatening situations.

Furthermore, I gained immense leadership skills as the President of the Brass Band team. I learnt through experience to maintain my composure under any circumstances and to work with minimum supervision.

Part II : Study Plan And Future Plan

If I were to be given a chance of getting the MARA scholarship, I want to study in the International Baccalaureate (IB) program at MARA College Banting. After finishing the IB program for 2 years, I want to pursue my study and read medicine at the United Kingdom . I will study there for 5 years. Upon graduation, I will do 2 years of housemanship in Malaysia . After that, I’ll serve the government for a period of 3 years as a senior officer. Next, I will enroll myself into Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) to get my master.

I am not sure what field I will go into, but I am inclined to do surgery as I am aware of the shortage of surgeons in Malaysia and the backlog of cases needed to be sorted., however, I will re-evaluate my choice as when the time comes. Based on my qualities and my ambitions to contribute to the healthcare of the nation, I believe that medicine is my ideal choice and I would appreciate the opportunity by MARA to study medicine overseas


~QwertyBlurR~ said...

kalo x bwak pown x pe... pinjam aq pnyer... haha~

alyssa erzandra said...

cam tau jer dr mane dtg ilham nk letak essay interview tu dlm blog...
great essay..
dr. fariz (sedap jugap eyh)

F a r i z z a i d I said...

heh, kang btol2 ak pinjam

yes alyssa, mmg sbb lepas tgk ur essay


eka said...

mmg dh agak dh ilham dr lisa nih :P

bsiap sedialah utk korang bgun awl pg dn mhadapi ib d kmb. muahaha.~

ps: eh, kenal tak dgn mirul? ur senior dlu kat tgb kot. skng ni kat kmb..

F a r i z z a i d I said...

senior mcm ramai kot
hehe ;)

x igtlah

*adibalala; said...

mantap oh essay!
thumbs up.
fariz, sorry tadi.
aku ada hal sat.
esok jumpa la eh.
see you!

Anonymous said...

bek ko check lagi..
kang tah pape lak mnde laen ttgal..

aMie Maro0ko Chan said...

KM[babi] kew? bhaahaha.

adoiii. selimut ngan towel yg fenting bleh lupa kah.

btw, aa bes la essay. hakhakhak.

F a r i z z a i d I said...

hoho, essay ciplak tuh
aku just tukar yg ak msuk koko je.

esok weh!

norain ishak said...

more than 300 words..
men2 jer..
skema tol ayt ko..
aku buat essay kasi cukop2 300words..

fariza said...

bgs r letak situ..
nnt kot2 ade lagi kene buat krgn..
ak dh tau nk carik kat mne..

Anonymous said...

hahaha nama aku pon ader..
kwn2, nina mmg tak caya :)
tak pe, dsbbkan ko dah tlg aku dlu..
aku caya!!
waa!! terror essay ko :)

Lady Shukriyah said...

wawwawawa. mnakotkn gle kolej ko. heheheehhe. nway. congrats la krn bjaye bwa towel. best wishes ye kt stu nnt.

En Sludge said...

panjang gler karangan....
ne rancangan pew???
perkahwinan kew???

En Sludge said...

panjang gler karangan....
ne rancangan pew???
perkahwinan kew???